COVID-19 Update

Updated March 24th 2020

With Deep Regret the Board of Directors must close all activity on the property. The BOD tried to look at
every detail to avoid this decision. But the orders from the governor make it clear we needed to proceed
closing all activities.

As you know all non-life sustaining business must close. As a social club we fall in that category. Second
stay at home order unless in in route to a deemed life sustaining business. You may have also read you
can walk your dog or exercise. That does not include traveling to a non-life sustaining business and using
the property for these activities.

Effective Monday 3/23/20 - The Alpine Hunting and Fishing will close all activities including hunting,
shooting, dog walking or training or even walking the trails until further notice. The stay home order
means just that stay home.

The only reason for any member to enter club grounds will be for the bird feeders to maintain the
feeding schedule until we can get back to this activity. This falls into the allowed activity of tending the
needs of farm animals.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

Board of Directors

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