2018 Turkey Shoot

Yesterday was the Annual Turkey Shoot. We got off round #1 a few minutes after 11:00 am, and sold out all 12 lines by 11:45! Keep that in mind for the Ham Shoot on December 23rd…

And the WINNERS, in no particular order:

  • Ryan – age 5! And he says he knows how to cook a turkey…
  • Noah – age 11. He won twice! Including the Kid’s line where he also won a $25 gift card for Field & Stream.
  • Nick Palashoff and Nick “The Elder” Palashoff
  • Ray Henderson won two in a row! The last two lines of the day.
  • Ken Baxter, Ron Deceder, Vern Maxwell, Kevin Keys, and Tim May rounded out the Lucky Shooters.

A special thanks goes out to our volunteer workers, Jack and Sherry for providing a chicken lunch, and those winners who graciously donated their birds to the Washington City Mission!

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