Year in Review


The stocking truck arrived to the delight of everyone present.
Free hot dogs and soft drinks were enjoyed by the enthusiastic workers and onlookers.
Many cameras were busy capturing the memorable moments.

Many thanks to Dave Levy, Jack Albenze and their helpers for making this day possible.





the Alpine Hunting & Fishing Club

Bandit, Ranger, Trina and Smokey collared their respective owners and laid out a template for the planting of 200 Eastern white pines on the Club property.  The pattern is a saw tooth formation with double rows of pines to be set on each side of the "two track" between fields 1 and 2.  (To see land map of fields click here.) These trees will enable the hunting program to advance to another level .  Four flights of hunters will now be able to hunt simultaneously.  It will further provide wildlife with additional cover, improved habitat areas, wind breaks and shelter from the elements to identify but a few of the benefits. The OSC purchased the white pines and on April 8 and 9 they were set in the planned grid.  Additional trees that remained after the first 170 trees were set along the utility right of way adjacent to field 3 and around the lower parking lot.  Great things were accomplished. When you see these men please give them your thanks for their hard effort.  The task force included Bruce Barnhart, Bill Coen, Don Fehl, Rob Keddie, Dave Levy, Tony Sciorilli and David Tambellini.
John Brandstatter, Hunt Manager

Most of the crops are already planted thanks to the hard work and dedication or Bill Coen, Ray Kassab, Don LeGrand, Woody Lesnett Larry Lester and David Tambellini. The big job will be completed when Pheasants Forever arrives to plant the last few crops.  All members are reminded to stay on designated paths and never drive wheeled vehicles over cultivated fields.  Your cooperation will mean great cover for another year of wildlife conservation at the Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club.


Spring Cleanup Days

Scott Quinn told his son Zach that "Many hands make for light work." and that was proven to be true.  Two dozen showed for the clean up on March 7th, including 5 kids, who all received free dinner certificates from Jack.  The older 2 have the option of a sporting clays lesson from Tony S. with OSC supplying the clay targets.  The Quinns, including wife Lori and adorable little Lindsay, removed stones from the garden and around the grounds which were dumped in the muddy road between field 3 and the power lines.  Kevin Kees with son Owen and fiancée Jan Pattishall cheerfully did the "special" duty of cleaning dog doo and cigarette butts by the bagful from around the club house.  Heather Slinger and sons Moe and Jacob really helped around the lake shore.  Special thanks to Jacob S. and Owen K. for work around the shooting range, and kudos to Moe S. who hauled 15 tires up from below the spillway.  Working together, most of us cleaned up the immediate grounds around the Club House, then along the edges of the parking lot and down over the hills, starting at the dumpster, around the main gate, out along the garden and finally around the entire lake shore and shooting range.  With Ollie Weiss running the front loader, we stuffed the dumpster with all the debris.  Metal objects were dragged up from the woods and separately hauled back to be stacked for a later date.  Another work party of adult members pulled even more salvageable metal and debris from out of the woods and all around the fields, brought it down and stacked it back at the bird pens for a later date.  Jack and Sherry provided a very nice, very tasty picnic lunch for all.  This is in addition to free lunches for the OSC events of the Parent Child Hunt and the General Member Hunt.  Remember to thank Jack, Sherry and Drew.  Also attending were John Brandstatter, Tom Watson, Mike Hahner, Jim Wehar, Bill Coen, Ray Kassab, Mark Kenny, Dave May, Rob Keddie, Will Scott and Randy Keefer.

The Outdoor Sports Committee and Alpine Bird Club responded to the call for another work day at the club on Sunday, March 15th and did another great job.  Everyone gathered early in the morning, and worked steadily until the job was done.  The club grounds around the bird pens, the dog kennels, the 5 Stand range and even some of the field edges were cleared, cleaned and organized.  The work party and the clean up process were so impressive that we even sparked some unwanted attention from non-members, but all has ended well.  In attendance were Ken Baxter, John Brandstatter, Bill Coen, Eric Dean, Don Fehl, Bill Inks, Ray Kassab, Rob Keddie, Randy Keefer with son Greg, Mark Kenny, Donnie Le Grand, Woody Lesnett, Dave Levy, Todd Luckasevic, Wayne Majcher, Dave May, Sonny Rohrer, Tony Sciorilli, Gary Wobb with son Vince and chief instigator, Ollie Weiss.  Another tasty meal was served up for the work crew by Jack and Drew.  The grounds are looking even better now, and all who helped in the two work days have reason to be proud.  Thank you one and all.





The Alpine Club Hunt Management Team wishes to thank all the members who participated in the scheduled hunt March 1.  It was a record turnout with more than 42 individuals participating.  We had 18 dogs on site, with seven members volunteering their "guide service and dogs" for those members who were without canine help.

I personally wish to thank those who showed up early to catch and set birds, crate birds for successive flights out and provide assistance for those who needed some help.  Those early rising folks included Rob Keddie, Don Fehl, Dave Levy, Tony Sciorilli and son Eric and David Tambellini.  Many, many others helped during the course of the day for which the Hunt Management Team is grateful for the assist.

We offer no apology for the flight of the birds, errant shots, wet powder, cold winds and general good spirits from those participating.  We enjoyed the day and hope you found the day as satisfying as it was challenging to put it on.  See you at the 2010 Member Hunt.

Compliments to Jack Albenze who presented his usual stellar buffet for all members who joined in the days activities.

If you have any comments or suggestions on improvements to the days activities,
the Hunt Management Team certainly welcomes your thoughts. 
Please forward to the "Team" for review. 

John Brandstatter, Hunt Management Team

Parent Child Hunt

The day went smoothly and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  Sharing the opportunity to hunt with others and working out our dogs is definitely one the advantages of being a member of the Alpine Club.

Pictured is Dave Fialkovich and his 10 year old daughter Bailey who observed her first ever hunt.

Special thanks to the "volunteered" dogs of Tony Sciorilli, Eric Sciorilli, Dave Tambellini, Mark Kenny, and Rob Keddie, who worked the fields for the club members and their children.  Thanks to John Brandstatter, Tony Sciorilli, Dave Tambellini, Rob Keddie, Donnie Legrand and Ollie Weiss who worked as "bird boys" and cleaned birds.  Members Gary Wobb and Randy Keifer worked over their own dogs. 

We have heard nothing but good reports from the participants.  In fact some have indicated they will also be attending the Member hunt after this good experience.  Kudos to Jack Albenze again for the good food.

Mark Kenny, Kenn Popko and John  Brandstatter


Third Place Winner in the Novice category for a
National Upland Trial!

The dog earning this prize is "OTM’s No Last Call LC Mae" or "LC" for short. The owner/trainer is AC member Kevin Kees shown on the far left of the photo in a dark hat and dark sweater. 

Kevin and his fiancé Jan together have raised and trained 3 Boykin Spaniels, the youngest having just taken 3rd Place in the BSS 2009 Upland National Trials.  Last year, she came away with a "JAM", a Judges Award of Merit, at less than one year old.  This dog is still not even 2 years old, and she is really "lighting up" the competition.  She came in third out of 44 dogs entered in the Novice Class.  The Boykin Spaniel Society is the original registry for this breed in the United States of America.

There are only 3 United States Gun Dog breeds.  
Can you name the other two? 

Congratulations to Donny Zarra and
(Duke vom Buffeltaler)

In September of 2009 Duke vom Buffeltaler, handled by Donny Zarra, is qualified to run in  the prestigious NAVHDA INVITATIONAL.  He qualified in June of 2008 by earning a Prize 1 Utility in NAVHDA (NORTH AMERICAN HUNTING DOG ASSOCIATION) with 196 out of 204 points.   The "Invitational" is an International Versatile Championship held by NAVHDA each year.  This year's Invitational will be held in Ohio, USA. 

In 2006 Duke vom Buffeltaler handled by Donny took first place in the International Armbruster Championship. 

In March of 2007 at the Alpine HFC Chuckar Challenge 1st Place went to John Latella and Donny Zarra with Duke vom Buffeltaler and 2nd Place was awarded to John Matlak and Donny Zarra with Duke vom Buffeltaler.

In October of 2007 Duke vom Buffeltaler handled by Donny Zarra took Prize 1 Utility in the JGHV ("German Hunting Dogs Testing System" - the world's most demanding Versatile Hunting Dog Test).  Duke earned 303 points out of 312 points in the JGHV Utility Test. 

Best of Luck to Donny and Duke in September. Keep up the outstanding work.

Anyone interested in an expert dog trainer or an experienced hunting guide can contact Donny at or 412-606-4518 or visit his website