Rules and Regulations

Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club (AH&FC)
Outdoor Sports Committee (OSC)
Dog Policy

The AH&FC is a private club and manages the lake, fields and forests on club property, in large part, so Members may exercise, train and hunt with their dogs. Members who exercise non-hunting dogs are welcome, especially on the clubhouse grounds and around the lake, but are required to follow all OSC rules and policies.

Club rules require each guest to be personally accompanied by the responsible Member who invited the guest and likewise require that Member to accompany every dog of every guest.

Pennsylvania law requires dog owners to have their dogs under control at all times. All dog owners are personally responsible for their dogs, including the conduct of the dog as well as any duty to have up-to-date veterinary records, vaccinations and dog licenses.

All dog owners are expected to take precautions to prevent their dogs from depositing waste on or near the clubhouse grounds. If a dog does deposit solid waste, the owner is required to remove and properly dispose of that waste. The OSC has provided a "pooper scooper" near the Tack Room for the use and convenience of dog owners.

Dog owners, like all Members, are required to confirm the availability of any field or forest by checking the Log Book in the Tack Room before using club grounds to hunt, train or exercise dogs.

Dogs are not permitted to run uncontrolled through the club grounds, the lake area, any field or any forest where club functions, OSC events or activities, or private member hunts are being held; and, owners who do not exercise courtesy and common sense to keep their dogs on a tight leash or otherwise under strict control during such times and in such places, can and will be required to immediately remove the dog from club property. Repeat or serious offenders may be temporarily or permanently banned from bringing dogs to the club.

At the recommendation of the Hunt Manager Team, dog handlers are limited to simultaneously hunting, training or exercising no more than two (2) dogs, except with express approval by a member of the Hunt Manager Team. A third (3rd) or any additional dogs must remain crated, secured and/or in a vehicle during such hunting, training or exercising sessions.

(Options; some may have unintended consequences; most gun dogs would easily meet standard.)

(Individual dogs known to be dangerous to humans or other pets) (all dogs from one or more breeds known to be dangerous)
 (are NEVER permitted on club grounds.) (All dogs) (which are not trained hunting dogs) (must be kept on a leash in the hands of a capable adult dog handler while on club property at all times)


The Board of Directors of the Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club has determined that the unregulated use of ATVs, Quads and similar off-road vehicles on Club property is inconsistent with the enjoyment of the Club's grounds by the general membership and contrary to the intended use of the fields and forests on the Club property.

After careful consideration, the Board of Directors has reached the conclusion that the operation of these off-road vehicles involves inherent risks, even when these off-road vehicles are operated safely; furthermore, when these vehicles are operated unsafely, they can and do pose unacceptable risks to users and bystanders. The Board has decided to take this action for the good of all members and their guests.

Effective immediately, recreational uses and operation of ATVs, Quads and similar off-road vehicles are forbidden on Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club property, unless specifically authorized and permitted by this notice.

ATVs, Quads and similar off-road vehicles may only be used as part of officially recognized and permitted events and activities under the control of the Outdoor Sports Committee, including: Organized Hunts under the direction of the Hunt Manager; bird planting and releases by the Alpine Bird Club; bird planting or releases by private members involved in legitimate dog training and/or hunting activities; cultivation of the fields; planting and removal of trees and shrubs; maintaining pathways or access roads; and, during private or club-sponsored hunts conducted by members for aged, infirmed or disabled hunters. Persons who are reported to the Board of Directors or the Outdoor Sports Committee to have operated an ATV, Quad or similar off-road vehicle during permitted activities but in an unsafe manner may also be individually banned or suspended from any use of an ATV, Quad or similar off-road vehicle.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Safety First and Always! Remember to always sign the Log Book in the Tack Room before and after using the club grounds
-- walking the fields or wood lots, hunting, fishing or target shooting.

 The Outdoors Sports Committee has provided Blaze Orange Vests to be worn for your safety.
Please return all vests to the Tack Room when you sign out.
Target shooting is only permitted on the designated shooting range.
Only firearms allowed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission may be used for hunting and dog training by members.
Fully automatic firearms are NEVER permitted on club grounds. 



A number of concerns have recently been voiced by members who hunt in reserved forest areas.
Dog handlers seem to have shown little regard for these areas when reserved in the log.
Bow hunters have had their hunts ruined due to this lack of consideration and/or control of dogs
as well as an apparent disregard for the log book reservation process.

 We are asking each member to know and use the field and forest sign in format in the log book.
Forest and field numbers have been provided for easy identification and location on maps in the Tack Room.
Please respect the process as well as your fellow Club member’s rights and reservations for field and forest usage.
Kenn Popko, Secretary/Treasurer, Alpine Outdoor Sports Committee (OSC)
John Brandstatter, Hunt Manager



Only members and their guests may use the lake or any Alpine Club facility.  A member must be present at all times with guests.  Non-members under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a member at all times. 

Identification tags and lanyards have been given to all current members and must be worn when on the property.  During the hunting season wear blaze orange caps and/or vests when on the club grounds.


  • Only barbless hooks and artificial lures are permitted.

  • No live bait (except for blue gill fishing by children).

  • No harvesting of largemouth bass.

  • Delayed harvest of trout.  Trout may not be removed from the lake until July 1st.

  • No fires are permitted.

  • Lake activity takes priority over the use of the shooting range as of the opening day of PA trout season. This means No shooting when people are fishing or conducting activities at the lake.  Use of the lake for dog training purposes is similarly restricted.

  • No boats, canoes, or flotation devices of any kind in or on the lake

  • Check Tack Room for current advisories.

  • PA Fish and Game Commission rules apply.


  • Please lock gate after entering and leaving the club.



The Alpine Club is a private hunting preserve operated under a non-commercial preserve license which permits hunting only by members and invited guests.  Members are always welcome to schedule and conduct private hunts using their own dogs, subject to availability of unreserved times as recorded in the Tack Room Log Book.

If you are in need of a dog handler or guide for a guided bird hunt at the Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club, please contact the Hunt Manager, or one of his assistants, in advance to ensure a safe, fun and successful hunting experience.


The club preserve season will run through the end of March

  • All hunters must have a valid Pennsylvania hunting license or a current license from their home state. All PA rules for preserve hunting are enforced.

  • When using grounds, please place a sign on your vehicle with AHFC and your name.

  • Use the Tack Room "Log Book" sign in/sign out sheet to register your presence on the grounds and your hunt zone or activity. (See map of club grounds) This is a safety rule that MUST be followed. You and your guests must also sign the "Sports Waiver" form available in the tack room by the "Log Book".  If you are going to bring a youth to hunt a parent waiver form must be signed. These forms are available in the Tack Room.

  • Use the Hunt Activity Sign at the upper gate to notify club members and their guests that the area is being used for hunting. For safety they must be informed that these fields are not available as multi-recreational areas.

  • Rights to hunting zones are on a first come basis.  If a member posts himself or herself before you enter your tree stand you can not claim rights to that zone for hunting.

  • "Guided Hunts" may be all day affairs or half day hunts.  Morning hunts will be from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM.  Afternoon hunts will be from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM.

  • Half day fully guided hunts require the purchase of a minimum of five (5) pheasants** or seven (7) chukars.**  Prices are posted in the Tack Room. Any additional birds shot beyond the original stocking number will be added to the bill.  Tipping is permitted and appreciated.

  • For unguided hunts birds may be purchased from the club. Prices are posted in Tack Room.  Any additional birds shot beyond the original stocking number will be added to the bill.

  • Remember to secure bird tags to the leg of harvested game birds. (Chukars are excluded since they are not considered a native game bird.)

  • Please keep our grounds trash free and remove any discarded casings, targets and trash you might find.

  • Be sure Tack Room is clean when leaving.  Lock the gate to the grounds when exiting the property.

** Please note: Prices are subject to change without notice based on rising costs during the season.


The Hunt Manager reminds EVERYONE using the target range, fishing at the lake, or going out into the fields or the wood lots of the Alpine Club to hunt, to exercise their dog or just to hike to read these Club Rules and ALWAYS

*  Be safety conscious first, last and always. 

Wear orange on your head and torso in the fields and wood lots, especially during the Preserve Season from September 1st through April 30th.  The OSC has donated "loaner vests" which are available in the Tack Room for emergency use.

 *  Sign in using the Log Book in the Tack Room. This is for your safety, as well as other members and guests.  The Log Book is a vital AC safety requirement.

 *  Hunters and Dog Trainers must comply with the Alpine Bird Club (ABC) program which is operated under the Outdoor Sports Committee. Short summaries of the ABC requirements are posted on the walls of the Tack Room and a complete copy of the ABC program can be obtained from the Hunt Manager or any of the assistants listed above.

 *  Respect reservations made in the Log Book and/or OSC notices for use of the wood lots and fields. You may ask to share the space, but safety and other concerns may preclude the OSC or the individual members who had already reserved the time and areas from agreeing.

*  Lake activity takes priority over the use of the shooting range as of the opening day of PA trout season. This means No shooting when people are fishing or conducting activities at the lake.  Use of the lake for dog training purposes is similarly restricted.

 *  Before leaving the club, be sure the Tack Room is as clean or cleaner than when you arrived. The Tack Room is a great convenience for all members and you are personally responsible for keeping it clean.



 With the permission of the Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club Board of Directors and under the direction of the Outdoor Sports Committee, the Alpine Bird Club has been formed by a group of members who have voluntarily contributed to purchase and release game birds in the AHFC fields for training gun dogs and related sporting activities. 

The Alpine Bird Club is not intended to replace “put and take” hunts by Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club members.  Any AHFC member continues to be allowed to conduct his own “put and take” hunt for game birds by scheduling the hunt and properly reserving the use of the fields with a notice posted in the Tack Room as explained above.  Please note that the prices for any birds harvested or wounded during the hunt which are of a greater number or a different variety than the birds “planted” for that hunt must be paid to the Alpine Bird Club.  The member in charge of each hunting party is personally responsible for collecting all amounts due and reimbursing the Alpine Bird Club for all game birds harvested or wounded. 

Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club members are permitted to hunt birds released by Alpine Bird Club.  Anyone who harvests or wounds one or more of the released game birds is required to reimburse the Alpine Bird Club.  The schedule of prices is posted in the Tack Room.  Checks made payable to AHFC Outdoor Sports Committee in an amount based on the posted prices should be deposited in the cash box located in the Tack Room. These reimbursed funds will be used by the Alpine Bird Club to purchase and release additional game birds.

We can make the Alpine Bird Club plan work to our mutual benefit, but only with your cooperation.  Thank you and please enjoy a safe hunt.


Fluorescent Orange Requirements:
Please check the Pennsylvania Game Commission regulations provided when you received your current license