Rules and Regulations

July 24, 2017

Please click here for: 2017 AH&FC Rules & Regulations

Safety First and Always! Remember to always sign the Log Book in the Tack Room before and after using the club grounds
-- walking the fields or wood lots, hunting, fishing or target shooting.

 The Outdoors Sports Committee has provided Blaze Orange Vests to be worn for your safety.
Please return all vests to the Tack Room when you sign out.
Target shooting is only permitted on the designated shooting range.
Only firearms allowed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission may be used for hunting and dog training by members.
Fully automatic firearms are NEVER permitted on club grounds. 



A number of concerns have recently been voiced by members who hunt in reserved forest areas.
Dog handlers seem to have shown little regard for these areas when reserved in the log.
Bow hunters have had their hunts ruined due to this lack of consideration and/or control of dogs
as well as an apparent disregard for the log book reservation process.

 We are asking each member to know and use the field and forest sign in format in the log book.
Forest and field numbers have been provided for easy identification and location on maps in the Tack Room.
Please respect the process as well as your fellow Club member’s rights and reservations for field and forest usage.
Kenn Popko, Secretary/Treasurer, Alpine Outdoor Sports Committee (OSC)
John Brandstatter, Hunt Manager



 With the permission of the Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club Board of Directors and under the direction of the Outdoor Sports Committee, the Alpine Bird Club has been formed by a group of members who have voluntarily contributed to purchase and release game birds in the AHFC fields for training gun dogs and related sporting activities. 

The Alpine Bird Club is not intended to replace “put and take” hunts by Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club members.  Any AHFC member continues to be allowed to conduct his own “put and take” hunt for game birds by scheduling the hunt and properly reserving the use of the fields with a notice posted in the Tack Room as explained above.  Please note that the prices for any birds harvested or wounded during the hunt which are of a greater number or a different variety than the birds “planted” for that hunt must be paid to the Alpine Bird Club.  The member in charge of each hunting party is personally responsible for collecting all amounts due and reimbursing the Alpine Bird Club for all game birds harvested or wounded. 

Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club members are permitted to hunt birds released by Alpine Bird Club.  Anyone who harvests or wounds one or more of the released game birds is required to reimburse the Alpine Bird Club.  The schedule of prices is posted in the Tack Room.  Checks made payable to AHFC Outdoor Sports Committee in an amount based on the posted prices should be deposited in the cash box located in the Tack Room. These reimbursed funds will be used by the Alpine Bird Club to purchase and release additional game birds.

We can make the Alpine Bird Club plan work to our mutual benefit, but only with your cooperation.  Thank you and please enjoy a safe hunt.


Fluorescent Orange Requirements:
Please check the Pennsylvania Game Commission regulations provided when you received your current license